A good breeder will sell only the pedigreed kittens, and a flame point Ragdoll kitten can.

Prices for flame points will vary on a number of factors.

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What’s the Price of Flame Point Himalayan Kittens? When you’re ready to buy a Himalayan kitten, you can expect to pay in the.

When these factors are considered, the Siamese kitten price can go as high as $2,800 or more.

Regular Siamese cats typically cost around $600 – $800. . Regular Siamese cats typically cost around $600 – $800.

Mar 27, 2023 · fc-falcon">The Average Cost of a Siamese Kitten.

Price: $850 - $1000 USD. Temperament: Mild-mannered, dependent, shy, affectionate, loyal. .

. breeders first bred these cats, people have been flocking to purchase them.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to check the local shelters instead and consider Flame Point Heights, CA.

. The Flame Point Ragdoll Cat is the Cat Fanciers Association term for Ragdolls that are red or orange in color, just like a candle flame.

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Flame Point Siamese cats are more expensive from registered breeders because the cost of keeping breeding cats in good health and.


. The Flame Point Ragdoll (aka the Red Ragdoll) is one of the largest cat breeds in existence. Flame Point Snowshoe Siamese kittens for sale for sale in Renton Washington 200 Share it or review it.

Colors: Cream with red and orange markings. . The female Flame Point Siamese cat tends to be more temperamental and spends more time prowling her territory, while the. The price of the Flame Point Siamese varies depending on where the breeder resides. They Did Not Breed Red Point Cats Until the 1930s; 3. The average price of a Flame Point Siamese.


2. They’re not easy to find, so those looking to own one need to go to licensed breeders.

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Suitable for: Low-energy households, apartments, houses, families with kids, singles, elderly.


Colors: Cream with red and orange markings.